“We want the life, joy and love of God to be fluent in our performances.” The Life Sound Choir is made up of 33 amateur singers. Listening to them is a true inspiration. They bring with them a contagious joy, to which no one can remain indifferent. And this is how they define themselves: “We are people transformed by Jesus Christ, who strive to show that living Christianity does not mean being sad, downcast, amorphous, religious.

Jesus Christ came not only to give life, but life abundantly. We are a choir of simple people, from the most diverse professions who, despite our differences, love our neighbors.” Let's listen to Armando Miguez, musical director, and find out more.

RevistaMulher Criativa – When did Life Sound Choir appear and why?
Armando Miguez - The Life Sound Choir emerged in 1991 as Coro Vida Abundante, at the invitation of Pastor João Cardoso. The initial objective was to perform a Christmas Musical. We presented the Musical and decided to continue with a dynamic and unifying work. The Choir completed the musical spectrum of the local church, made up of bands and a praise group.

MC – What are the objectives of this choral group?
AM - The main objective it is serving God through music, serving the Church in general and serving the community with a message of love anywhere.

MC – What message are you trying to convey, in general?
AM - We intend Present God's love through music. We want the life, joy and love of God to be fluent in our actions. Through the harmony of voices, our testimonies and smiles, people realize that God is much more than religion. When we talk about Jesus Christ, we draw people's attention to God's love for every man and woman. In our actions we try to destroy an established stigma: whoever talks about God is blessed or ignorant or unfortunate. And it's not like that at all.

MC – Since then, they have had numerous musical performances…
AM - As I said , we started by just doing Musicals. Then, naturally we started singing at Celebrations and at the invitation of other churches. In 2001, celebrating 10 years of existence, we performed a Musical that was a kind of Portuguese Revue with the title “Vidas”. The texts and music were created by the Choir. During 6 presentations, we filled the auditorium and it was a success on all levels.
In May 2002, the CORO participated in the first TV program, the "100º HERMAN SIC", held at Convento do Beato together with Karen Ribeiro (at the time the wife of footballer Jardel), and Pastor João Cardoso. There was a general surprise among all the guests, with the Choir receiving words of encouragement from Herman José himself and fado singer Maria da Fé, among others.

MC – Then they released a CD…
AM – Yes, in 2004 we released the our 1st CD “Psalm 150” and we went on our first tour abroad. For 15 days we were in Brazil. We visited several churches in Rio de Janeiro and we were at “Comunidade da Graça”, in S. Paulo. We have started our website http://www.lifesoundchoir.com

MC – And many invitations and opportunities followed me…
AM – Yes, in 2005 we went to Luxembourg and sang in an open-air program for thousands of Portuguese people at the invitation of the Portuguese community, on the occasion of the 10th of June. I was received by the Ambassador and had the opportunity to offer a CD not only to him but also to Dr. Ascenso Simões, Secretary of State for Communities, at the time. On July 6, 2005, the Choir went to RTP1's "Portugal no Coração", a program seen all over the world. Still in 2006, it was the choir's turn to travel to the program “Praça da Alegria” RTP1, on the 1st of November.
In April 2007, at the invitation of Igreja Novas de Alegria, the Choir traveled to Terceira Island/Azores where he performed in Angra do Heroísmo outdoors, in Praça Central, and in the Recreio dos Artistas room. It was a magnificent trip on all levels, and we will miss it so much.

MC – Have you started recording CDs again?
AM – Yes, the 7th of October 2007 is another milestone on our journey. It was the premiere of the Musical "Vou Gritar" and the launch of the Choir's 2nd CD with the same title. Later, in 2009, the Choir decided to renew its image and also its name, changing its name to Life Sound Choir. From then on, the Choir stopped being made up only of members of our local church and became interdenominational. In 2012, for various reasons beyond our control, we stopped having the band that accompanied us live. In 2016, we released the 3rd CD “Canta e Vive”. Every year, normally between September and the beginning of July, we have between 8 and 12 performances, which for a group like ours is very good.

MC – They consider themselves an “all-terrain” choir. Why?
AM - It's true. Because we are a very versatile group. We don't just walk in our comfort, but we go on harder and more difficult terrains. We sing in anything and everything that is necessary. From evangelistic programs, to cults or charity concerts.

MC – Not all participants live in the Lisbon area. Does making this group “live” represent a great effort?
AM - Yes, it represents an additional effort, especially these days. I have often said that in a “micro society” like the Choir, I see the great social changes we have experienced in the last 10 years. We felt everything: several members who emigrated, financial strain, professional changes, difficulty in reconciling schedules, among others. Added to this is the displacement of some singers who live far away. We have singers from Estremoz, Abrantes, Malveira, Moita, Samora Correia, Povoa Sta. Iria and surrounding areas of Lisbon. God has been faithful and has helped in difficult times. We rehearse every Tuesday in Alvalade. Our local church has always made the space available and has been supportive.

MC – Was there any performance that you would like to highlight here, as it was special for you as a group?
AM</ strong> - Thank God where we go, for us, is always special, and there are so many that it's difficult to choose. We always sing with determination and give our best whether for 50 or 500 people. But, in addition to everything I've already mentioned, I'll highlight a few: in 2011, a 1h15m concert that we held at the Catholic Church of Coruche. Church completely full and people paid entry to help with social work. 2012 Concert at “Voz do Operário” “Unidos com a Mariana” that we organized with other friends and other artists, to help a family have an automatic staircase. In 2013, 15th Anniversary of our church in Alvalade. 2014 “Aglow” Conference and recently on July 2, 2016, in Castanheira de Pera, outdoors, at the invitation of the local Chamber.

MC – For you, Armando, what meaning has this experience had? And for you, as a couple?
AM - It has been a very happy and enriching experience and, in many moments, it has tested my foundations in resisting shocks of this life, in which we want to give for free what we receive for free. Without a doubt, all of this gave me a lot of joy, peace, resilience, and rest for doing something that God loves and wants. He injected a lot of maturity and personal fulfillment into very difficult moments in these 25 years of life. Among several of these moments, the departure too soon of 2 friends and members of the Choir were really hard, but I have had a lot of help from members of the Choir - people who have been fundamental and loyal friends by my side to support me and tell me what I like and I don't like. Above all, they know what they are doing, and they are committed to a ministry so attacked by darkness. My wife Helena and my children Jorge Filipe and Rebeca (emigrated) sang in the Choir for several years. They are not at the moment, but they have always been pillars of my leadership.

MC – Plans for the future?
AM - We would like to reactivate the Band with musicians who want to serve. We want to increase the number of singers, with commitment and desire to serve. We aim to be increasingly comprehensive. We don't look at church names, we look at the beauty of the diversity of the Body of Christ, which is why we are available to everyone. We will continue to serve communities and institutions that ask us to help specific cases known to be in need. Life Sound Choir will continue to be active on social media Facebook, Twitter and Meo Kanal 191600.

MC – In conclusion, a biblical verse that is an important reference in this ministry.
AM</ em> - “Some trust in chariots and others in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord, our God. They falter and fall, but we rise and stand firm.” (Psalm 20:7,8) I end with a special thank you to Dr. Bertina Coias and Pr. Abel Tomé for the honor they gave us of participating in this edition of “Mulher Criativa”. Finally, I wish readers a renewing and very happy Christmas and that 2017 will be a year full of victories, full of health and God's blessings for everyone.

PSALM 20: 7-8

"Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the Lord our God. They have bowed down and fallen; But we have risen and stand upright." New King James Version (NKJV)